If someone looks at this list and notes that I have not included them, when I should have, I shall be mortified … as it is not an intentional omission.  Please get in touch with me and I will rectify that error forthwith!


Abelman, Samuel (Image permission, Gippeswyk)

Anderson, Michael: Hestons Estate Agents (Image permission, Tolleshunt D’Arcy)

Australia, The National Library of

Ballinamallard Development Assoc (Image Permission. Harwich Garrison Military Hospital)

Barter, John (Assistance, Frinton)

Beavis, Joanne (Assistance, Greenstead Green)

Bennett, Bob (Research, assistance. ‘Singholm’, Walton)

Bigham, Susan (Image permissions and research – Middlesex, Clacton)

Blom UK (‘Simmons Aerofilms’ image permission)

British Red Cross Society Archivist (2013/14 & 2016)

Brown, David (Guisnes Court, Tolleshunt D’Arcy. Image permission)

Bryne, Paul (Assistance)

Burnett, David (Sudbury)

Caddick, Jane (Assistance, Frinton)

Casale, Fabrizio: Colchester Medical Society (Image permissions)

Clerkin, Paul (Image permission and research)

Cole, Kate J.

Craig, Patrick (Image permissions)

Crowe, Ken (Southend Museums Service, Assistance)

Dale, Barbara (Image permission and research – ‘Gostwycke’, Colchester)

Delves, Steve (Image permissions, Harwich & Dovercourt)

Dicken, Valerie (Image permissions and research – Tolleshunt D’Arcy)

Duckling, Stephen (Research – ‘Gostwycke’, Colchester)

Edwards, Christina (Image permissions & assistance, Stanway)

Edwards, Janice & family (Research and Image permission. Harwich Garrison Military Hospital)

Everett, Phillip (Cloudesley charity: Reckitt, Clacton)

Ezra, Nick (Image permission & research – Kelvedon, Feering and Witham)

Farrell, Mick (Research – Woolverstone: Percy H. Mitchell – ‘Mick Farrell Collectables Ltd’)

Foster, David (Assistance, Wethersfield)

Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust (Image permission)

Gittins, Diana (Permission to reproduce research, Severalls)

Grant, Laurena (Image permission & assistance, Gostwycke+)

Gravestone Photographic Resource (Image permission)

Great War Forum Members

Great War Forum Member Griffin, Katy J. (Broadwater, Ipswich: Image permission and research)

Green, Mark ( Woolverstone: patient Charles Graham Robertson – Research).

Gyford, Janet (Witham: image permissions and research)

Harwich Society ( Harwich Garrison Military Hospital)

Higginbotham, Peter (Image permission and research)

Hillier, Alan (Research – ‘Singholm’, Walton)

James. Gil (Broadwater, Ipswich: Image permissions and research)

Jones, Faithe (Research: Irene Dunne, Witham: Australia)

Keenan, Jeff (Image permission – Woolverstone: patient Charles Graham Robertson)

Kelvedon Museum: Annette Bayliss; Nick Ezra; Anne Townley (Image permissions and research)

Lexden History Group

Light, Sue (R.I.P.)

Lowe, Joanne (Image permissions – Middlesex, Clacton)

Lyons, John (Research – Woolverstone: patient Charles Graham Robertson)

Malhotra, Dr. K. (Image permissions – ‘Singholm’/’Delamer House’, Walton-on-the-Naze)

Mattatt, Tony (Mersea)

Mercier, Nelson (Sudbury Research)

Morris Brian (Research and assistance – ‘Singholm’, Walton-on-Naze)

Mundaring & Hills Historical Society Inc. (Image permission ref Irene Dunne, Witham; Australia)

National Trust (Image permissions – ‘Belle Vue’, Sudbury)

Nixon, Paul (Research – ‘Gostwycke’, Colchester)

Nunn, Stephen P. (Maldon’s Rivercourt & Extension)

Orchard, John (Image permissions and research, Severalls)

Owens, Vicki (Research: Irene Dunne, Witham; Australia)

Phillips, Andrew (Colchester historian)

Polom, Helen (Assistance, Wivenhoe)

Potts, Elizabeth (Research -Woolverstone: patient Charles Graham Robertson)

Preston, Julie & Terry (Image permissions – Colchester Military Hospital)

Rees, Geraldine (Image permission and research: ref Irene Dunne, Witham. Australia)

Rigby, Elwyn (Research: Helen Doyle, ref Irene Dunne, Witham. Australia)

Rope, Arthur (Ellen Rope/Mayne, Harwich)

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (Image permission, Middlesex Hospital)

Royal College of Surgeons (Image permission and research)

Royer, Angela (Image permissions and research, Sudbury)

Thornton, Christopher (Frinton)

Salisbury, Maggie (Image permissions, Wethersfield)

Scott, Kevin G. (‘SS Indrapura’)

Seaborn, David (Image permissions, Great Horkesley)

Sears, Barrie (Image permission, Hamilton Road Hospital)

Sneddon, John Mason (Image permission, Harwich)

Stanfield, Chris (Assistance, Great Horkesley)

Stewart, John (Image permission, Wivenhoe)

Stoke City Council (Image permissions, Harwich)

Strawbridge, Jim (Mayne, Harwich)

Sudbury Museum Trust

Sudbury Town Council (Image permissions)

Taylor, Pauline (Image permission & research, Gostwycke)

Ward, Darren (Research and assistance – The Middlesex Hospital, Clacton)

Wisbey, Guy (Research and assistance – ‘Singholm’, Walton-on-Naze)

Wivenhoe History Group (Helen Polom & John Stewart)



Australia: National Library of Australia  (Australian newspaper research)

Australia: State Library of Western Australia

Australian Dictionary of Biography

‘Australian Nurses in World War 1’

Barter, John (Frinton)

Beavis, Joanne (Greenstead Green)

Bennett, Bob (‘Singholm’, Walton-on-Naze) Great War Forum member

Bigham, Susan (Middlesex, Clacton)

Blom UK

British History Online

British Library Board (Local World Limited)

British Red Cross Society


Caddick, Jane (Frinton)

Clerkin, Paul

Cloudesley Charity (Reckitt, Clacton)

Colchester Historic Buildings Forum

Colchester Medical Society &

‘Colchester War memorial Souvenir; The Great War 1914-1918’ by Hunt, Edgar A. (Ed) 1923. [Published by Essex Telegraph].

Cole, Kate J.

‘County & Borough Small-Pox Hospital, Colchester’: 1936 brochure for the Opening Ceremony of.

Crowe, Ken (Southend Museums Service)

Dale, Barbara (‘Gostwycke’, Colchester)

Delves, Steve (Harwich & Dovercourt)

Dicken, Valerie (Tolleshunt D’Arcy)

Drew, Bernard: “‘The Fire Office’ being the history of The Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society Limited 1802 – 1952”.

Duckling, Stephen (Research – ‘Gostwycke’, Colchester)

Edwards, Christina (‘Stanway c1900 – c1920, A Community & its Fallen Soldiers’)

Edwards, Janice & family (Research: Harwich Garrison Military Hospital)

‘Essex: Buildings of England Series (Buildings of England)’ By James Bettley

Essex County Standard newspaper

Essex Record Office

Ezra, Nick (Research – Kelvedon, Feering and Witham)

Farrell, Mick (Research – Woolverstone: Percy H. Mitchell – ‘Mick Farrell Collectables Ltd’)

Find A Grave  (Bodkin, Kelvedon)

Foster, David (Wethersfield)

Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust


Gittins, Diana Severalls Hospital: Interviews for ‘Madness in its Place’, 1913-1997 [computer file]. 2nd Edition. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive [distributor], June 2007. SN: 4890.

Grant, Laurena (ref ‘Gostwycke’ & St. Martin’s House)

Gravestone Photographic Resource

Great War Forum Members

Griffin, Katy J. (Broadwater, Ipswich)

Gyford, Janet (Witham)

‘Harwich and Dovercourt in old picture postcards’ by Phil Cowley.

Harwich Society

‘History of the Essex County Hospital, Colchester (previously The Essex and Colchester Hospital) 1820-1948, The’ by John B. Penfold, M.B., B.S., F.R.C.Path.

Higginbotham, Peter

‘Hospitals’, A History of the County of Essex: Volume 9: The Borough of Colchester (1994):

James, Gil (Broadwater, Ipswich)

Jones, Faithe (

Kelvedon Museum

Kettering Leader newspaper

Light, Sue (R.I.P.)

Lost Hospitals of London (Reckitt’s, Clacton & Kelvedon)

Lyons, John (Research – Woolverstone: patient Charles Graham Robertson)

‘Maldon, Heybridge and the Great War’ by Stephen P. Nunn

Mattatt, Tony (Mersea)

Mercier, Nelson

National Archives

Nixon, Paul (‘Gostwycke’, Colchester) 

Orchard, John (Morgan & Taylor family information, Severalls)

Owens, Vicki (Irene Dunne, Witham. Australia)


Phillips, Andrew (Colchester historian)

Potts, Elizabeth (Research – Woolverstone: patient Charles Graham Robertson)

Preston, Julie & Terry (Colchester Military Hospital):

Rees, Geraldine (Irene Dunne, Witham: Australia)

Rigby, Elwyn (Research: Helen Doyle, ref Irene Dunne, Witham. Australia)

Rope, Arthur (Ellen Rope)

Royal College of Surgeons:;

Royer, Angela (Sudbury)

Scott, Kevin G. (‘SS Indrapura’)

Seaborn, David (Great Horkesley)

Sneddon, John Mason (Mayne, Harwich)

Spectator Archives 

Strawbridge, Jim (Mayne, Harwich)

Sudbury Museum Trust

Suffolk Free Press (Sudbury)

S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science (Bodkin, Kelvedon)

Taylor, Pauline (Gostwycke)


Ward, Darren (Middlesex, Clacton)

Western Australia’s Metropolitan Cemetries Board

Wisbey, Guy (‘Singholm’, Walton-on-Naze)

Witham, Images of England by Janet Gyford

Wivenhoe History Group (Helen Polom & John Stewart)